NFC Forum to increase transaction range from 2cm "to three or four centimetres"

This could be a big change in our world. Tiny chips suck to read with our phones so we result to a larger antenna, but it might just get better for us! It’ll be some time, but our little chips might look more impressive when we don’t have to fiddle around with our phones for 30 seconds to prove to a friend you have implants.


Sadly, this will probably be the opposite for us. Contactless transactions at terminals are an active-active NFC transaction. That means the antennas can be worse if you just pump out more power. Bumping up the transaction range between two active devices will probably result in shittier antennas because they don’t need to design them well or fit them in amongst other electronics when you can just make it small and pretty ineffective because the only goal becomes powering and active-active transaction with another powered device.

One of the indicators of this is the verifone MX9xx terminal series. It’s extremely high power and already communicates with my phone at a distance of several centimeters. It’s really quite impressive with a phone, but reading a full size contactless credit card is actually quite a challenge with this terminal. Forget reading small implants with it. It’s only focus is producing a massive field that is trying to talk to another active device, basically drowning out passive devices trying to respond in the process.