NFC implant UID cloning help?

hey all I’m looking for some help regarding an implant i received semi-recently.

my issue is that it is UID/serial number rewritable but I can’t seem to get it to rewrite, it just won’t whenever i try.

the product is xM1 “magic” 1k and the software im using is MCT Bruteforce

i dont think the product is defective i think im doing something wrong.

if someone could point me in the directions of the hardware i need to acquire to get it to work that would be great.

for context im trying to put my college access card on it, ive gotten into the card and cloned the information its just the UID i need to copy

how’d you get that version? can you post the APK or github repo?

also, MCT cannot write to the xM1 because the xM1 is gen1a not gen2…

Howdy :} some ppl (devilclarke and leumas95) helped me sort a proxmark3 easy and sort the UID changing things :smiley: the link for the MCT apk is MCT Bruteforce

:smiley: thanks


Just thought I would share your accompanying YouTube video