NFC key apps for Android

Just wondering if anyone knows of an app that can broadcast an NFC UID, that could possibly be registered as a key.

I just installed a new electronic cylinder, THIS one specifically, and was wondering if there is a way I could register a virtual key and family members phones.

If not, I still have about 80 NFC cards I got in a pack of 100 from aliexpress a long time ago, that I can use.

Looks possible,
Initial search I found an option on the Paid version of NFC tools
I’ll keep looking for a free version for you ( I just searched NFC emulation )

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Thanks, I thought I had already looked at that one. I went down a list in the play store using different search terms.

My hope was to find a single function app that I could put on the mothers phone or the sisters one. Less likely they would loose that than an unbranded card.

If there is an app like that, its probably buried deep sadly.

Still looking… but did find the YouTube clip demo of the NFC Tools emulator working.

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Note that these apps do not emulate the id, it appears to only emulate the NDEF records.

I have the pro version and after finally figuring out where that screen was, I can’t get it to work.

Note that some phones will be read by a reader (no app needed) so you may be able to enroll people’s phones. Though warning, some phones provide a static UID, others will provide a different UID each scan which won’t do you any good.


I am aware of that. I have access to the phones I’d be adding them to, so Id be able to test at least.

To be clear, ISO14443A requires there be a UID and host card emulation (HCE) in Android does in fact supply a UID. However, some emulators engage in NFC P2P mode (peer to peer mode) which does not necessarily require support for the entire ISO14443A protocol, including PICC card selection which is where the UID comes into play… so to do what you want to do you must find an app that leverages HCE completely… but… some phones will not support a static UID either, so the UID will change every time the field or HCE is engaged… and this works for ISO14443A because the UID only needs to be stable per contactless session. Once the field drops the next session can use a totally different UID… and in fact that’s what the DESFire EV2 chip does when it is in privacy mode… the UID is random and is used for ISO14443A selection and communication during the session, then changes on the next read.

I guess in short I’m saying this can be quite complicated and maybe you should get them to consider implants :slight_smile:


Where did you purchase it?