NFC-powered e-paper display

Not an implant (yet… any idea @amal? :slight_smile:) but kind of cool:

7.5" e-ink display is powered completely by NFC


Nice find

hey, google recommended this article for me too! they must have “nfc” saved as interest for us.

one day, that’ll make the coolest customizable tattoo…

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yeah I’ve been seeing this article a bunch of places today. the algorithms are after us! hehe


The first thing that came to my mind was a “open” “closed” sign. Sounds like a fun toy.


Maybe not $90 dollars interesting though. At least not for me.

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I mean, I see a micro usb port on the side of the e-paper display… I know I’ve seen some stuff at Infineon engineering offices which actually is a full e-ink display that is completely NFC powered… and yeah, we could play around with some subdermal displays if someone wants to create a thing… we could work to make it ultra-thin and possibly flexible, and then we could talk flexDisplay implants :wink:


Would a reflective display even be visible under the skin? My implants are there, parts of them are jet black, and I sure can’t see them even under a strong light.

Probably not, but there are lighting solutions that might help solve that… still, probably too ambitious for the relatively short window covid-19 is going to force upon us.