NFC Readers in Phones

I wanted to ask if anyone here know of any sites where the specifications of the NFC Readers in Smartphones are being listed since most sites just list the Phones as “having NFC” which is not very helpful.

The only sites I’ve come across were:

ShopNFC lists compatibility but not the Readers used

NFCW lists which Phones have NFC, but that’s it and It’s a bit old

You would have more luck if you look by manufacturer. Couple of them cover most of the smartphone brands.

is there any phone in particular that you are interested in?
This forum wiki might have some clues for you

no nothing in particular, I just like to research such things and it may help me when deciding to buy a new phone.

Also yes I’ve already looked at that thread

I also just found some infos on this wikipedia page

but it’s lacking a lot of the controllers

awesome, Thanks, I’ll add that link to the forum wiki :+1: