NFC/RFID "Padlock" + peli case + implant?

So I been thinking of getting a peli case (or similar) or two to store my implants and “install-gear” and I was thinking of the possibility to get a NFC padlock for one of the cases.

As far as I see there are a place for a padlock on a peli case or similar case, holes where you can attach a padlock, but I’m still a bit unsure about what NFC padlock or lock that would suit me best.

I was thinking about either the Wilka or U&Z NFC/RFID padlock/lock, but they are pricey.
I still haven’t a magic Classic 1k implant, but I’m ready to get one if a suitable padlock requires it.
I got xNT, xDF2 and xNEXT implants.

Had a look at the chip compatibility matrix to see if there was any cheaper padlock available and then a look at amazon etc, but as far as I understand it the cheaper “baggage” padlocks etc are “a joke”, but are the Wilka or U&Z a lot better though?

Not to be pessimistic but probably not

Most padlocks are garbage to begin with, and when you add in convenient electronics a lot of security corners are usually cut

Example, the manufacturer probably expects that a customer will be annoyed if they have to scan a key a second time to close the lock

The solution? Spring loaded locking bar

…which is easy to shim and bypass

Also, what’s the rfid padlock pelican supposed to protect against?

A smash and grab will recognize that valuable stuff goes in pelicans, carry it away, hit the lock with a hammer… it will either fail, or they will just cut the plastic box apart

Also an interesting thing to consider, looking at similar padlocks to the U&z, the locks appear to be passive and harvest operation power from your cell phone

Passive lock plus passive implant equals sad panda


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On the Matrix, there are a couple of options for padlocks, plus with some modification, you may be able to get a furniture lock to work for you.


I need to add the one below, onto the spreadsheet, I have a couple of these, But I haven’t tested it with any implants and I am currently away from my locks and pelican cases where I could do some testing for you, but I won’t be back with them for just over a week…

I do know the Fob is Mifare 1K, But I could see this working as a good option for your “problem”.

The bonus of this is you can also get a backup power supply to reduce the chance of being locked out.


Chip compatiblity matrix - Google Sheets

13.56MHz Invisible IC Card Lock Cabinet Lock Keyless Smart Drawer Lock Hidden RFID IC Card Wooden Door Electric Lock For Drawer|Electric Lock| - AliExpress

So I did a quick test with my NExT and a NTAG216 test card on this lock, it wouldn’t even recognise it, but with Mifare 1k gen1a and gen2 magic test cards and it worked fine, but I STILL haven’t got myself a FlexM1 implant so I can’t test that side of it for you.
I hope that is still of some help

I´m interested in a furniture lock as well. Till now I don´t find one that will work with the Next. Does anyone has a recommendation?