NFC Smart Unlock removed

X-Rays are actually sought after
see here

MRIs are only really an issue with biomagnets
read here

The search function works really well on the forum.

Do a search for MRI and you will find A LOT of similar questions, with answers…

Does your ring also have low frequency?

Fortunately I don’t need insurance in my country as healthcare is free (obviously if you go in there just to ask if you can flex your implant with an x-ray you’ll get kicked out). You’re right though I should’ve just searched the forum. I realized later it was more complex than a yes/no answer. I honestly didn’t put that much research into nfc, I just wanted an alternative way to unlock my phone. NFC Tools says my tag type is NXP Mifare Ultralight C. I don’t know what that says about frequencies. From the nxp site I can see it operates at 13.56 MHz. The memory is really small though, about 137 bytes. I guess if I want to write more than a single task I’ve got to buy something a little more high quality. For now I’m using it to turn bluetooth on and off lol

if you are not yet ready for an implant, this is a good option

or this one, but currently out of stock

This one would be the better option for contact sharing, but the first one has a changeable (N)UID and you can use it for contact sharing but there is a caveat with that…

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