NFC Smart Unlock removed


Google has removed the NFC option from Smart Lock. When I approached google support about it they sent me to Samsung for answers. I spoke to Samsung tier two support today and they told me that Google has discontinued it because it was too buggy and will not be adding it back to any version of Android. Google told Samsung they are tinkering with an app that will give the same functionality but it won’t be native to the OS. There is no guarantee that they’re going to produce the app at all and its not lickly that it will work on Android versions older than the currently supported ones…

I understand that Smart Lock had it issues but many of us were willing to deal with it. I’m willing to implant foreign objects into my body so I can deal with a few glitches from my phone.

I understand that rooting and macros can accomplish the same results on some devices, but not all, and that’s even more problematic, most people won’t be able to do all that.

I don’t know how much of an issue this is for everyone in this community but for me it’s huge. I could really use some imput…

Thank you

…The support person I spoke to accually has an NFC ring… I thought that was cool… she wants an implant, kinda cool as well…

I'm just a fresh man in here, which one should I take for the first purchase?

Bummer. But on my phone “smart lock” never did unlock the phone. It only kept it awake after you unlocked it with some other method. Did your phone actually unlock from sleep with NFC?

I called OnePlus tech support and got a super helpful rep, basically she said Android didn’t support NFC unlock but you could get it implemented by rooting and installing Xposed.

May be worth a shot.


I still unlock my LGV20 with my xNT. The screen won’t wake up from sleep, but after I press power to wake the screen I can unlock with my implant. When is Android supposed to be losing this feature?


I had to preform a factory reset on my phone. When I did and lost all my settings the list of trusted tags that was stored was lost.
What was explained to me is that if you still have trusted tags set up in your device then it should still be working just like it did. They have removed the ability to add NFC as a trusted device. Once the tags are removed they can’t be added back.

On either of my devices all I have is Bluetooth as an option for trusted devices.

So if your NFC Smart Unlock is working do not remove your stored tags because you can’t add them back to the system.

I wish I had a device that was working and had tags stored in it so I could test this. I’m going to a lil mobile store today to dig through their trade-in box. My hope is to find a phone that hasnt been updated to do some testing with it.


A member of the RFID Implantees Facebook group actually talked to Google Support about it and it seems the problem is a bug, not by design… so maybe there is hope it will be fixed.


Thanks everyone for the imput.

That would be great. Until then I guess its back to a rooted phone and custom Rom. Not that that’s so bad it just a pain to maintain and it has its share of issues.

Well so we wait and hope for a good solution while saying a quiet prayer to the gods of Google.


Well it’s official… Now I have to work on a good way to set up NFC unlock.


Well damn. I wonder if liniageOS will keep it in.


I don’t know… I’m disappointed for sure.
Roms are a great option for the people who can do that to their phones. Some don’t have the skills, others have phones not capable of being rooted, and some just don’t want to change their phones.

We need a solution that everyone can implement. I know that the NFC rings have a companion app that allows them to unlock the phone. I’m not familiar with how the rings and app work together to this make it happen or if normal NFC tags are capable of being paired in the same way.
Their app is proprietary to the Rings this much I know.

…Would an app even be a possibility for regular tags?


SmartPassLock NFC

This works on some platforms. I’m going a mobile phone repair shop/store this week where they let me tinker with phones to test this app on as many phones as I can.


So anyone that has a rooted phone can get the remove NFC smart unlock functionality back !

Made a little guide about it here