NFC Tools Pro and Google Home

Hey All,

I’m very green to NFC but I gotta start somewhere, I grabbed NFC Tools Pro due to the fact it could supposedly launch OK google and I was going to do a Txt to speech but instead it fires off Bixbsy on my Samsung S20 and she just makes fun of me no joke.

I have been able to program other simpler tasks but my main aim is to control the routines I have I Google Home or tell Google Assist to perform a command.

I am not running Home Assistant so is there a way to do this without Home Assistant?

Any and all help would be so much appreciated.


Have you looked into Tasker?

here’s some examples on the forum

Thanks for that buddy, I have looked at it but didn’t want to spend another amount on an app if it can’t do what it claims like NFC Tools Pro does but I might just bite the bullet and not be a tight arse.

Tasker worked thank you not 100% accurate firing sometimes it opens other apps but it’s better than what I had and not having to venture to Home Assist just yet.

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But dang I do love homeassistant…