NFC Tools - Stop call forwarding

I want to program my nfc tag to start forwarding calls, With task phone call and *21#1234567890#. This i can actieve, but i can’t use task phone call and #21#, to stop the call forwarding. Had anyone archieved to stop the dall forwarding with nfc tools?

Pretty sure those are two separate actions, is there a way to set it as a toggle?

You could use tasker Tasker - React To NFC Tag - YouTube it’s not as easy to use but I think you can make it do what you want.

Looked more at it and you can do it in nfc tools if you go to tasks and include conditional blocks

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Thats exactly whattsapp i have :grin:
The mmi code (Ussd code) for call forwarding is working.
Only the stop code is not working. I get a message: connectionproblem or invalid mmi code.
I use *#21#. When i use this in the phone app. The callforwarding is stopped. So There it works.
So do hou have any ideas?

It might be that * is a special character that needs to be escaped somehow

Hmm, i think so too.
Now the question is how to escape this.

I get it working. I make a new contact with the #21#
Then i make a run a shortcut to this new contact,
Then it works.