NFC Wireless Charging Spec

Something worth monitoring.


I saw that, not sure how useful it would be without implantable batteries. Although maybe it could be used with devices that simply need power like the xLED but I don’t know what benefit it could provide. If you only need power for an under skin implant a Qi receiver seems much better, which is what the peg leg uses afaik.


I was thinking the same.

I actually saw this at the NXP building at CES last year… it seemed somewhat interesting, but all the demos were using a special NFC “emitter” board and receiver board… I attempted to place one of the receivers up to my phone to see if it would engage and it would not… however, this may have been due to the fact that the receiver board was not configured to communicate any data with the charger… if it had been, perhaps the phone would have considered it to be a live tag and kept the field activated.


That was January, mate!
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Feels like eons ago

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