No confirmation on order #1807

Hello, I purchased an NXT NTAG216 kit and paid with Bitcoin. I paid the address displayed by Coinbase.

Instead of confirming, it is now asking me to send to a different address. I’m checking to see if you have received the transaction for order #1807. I can’t get ahold of anyone from Coinbase. Thanks!

Looks like the payment window expired before confirmation…

It also appears that someone’s been spamming the Bitcoin mempool again.

Please confirm that Coinbase forwarded the transaction. Thanks!

I’m seeing Coinbase order # 80FBSO3J in the blockchain… order being processed :slight_smile:

Thanks, Amal!

I am finally getting around to replacing the hitag s 2048 I implanted in 2009 after seeing yours. I was never able to get much use out of it aside from a few test projects I hacked together with waaay too much effort! I’m excited to finally have NFC capability and the ability to read and write from my phone.

Hah yeah I pulled my hitag and replaced with a prototype xNT just before the indiegogo campaign. Never looked back! The hitag is an interesting chip type but off the shelf solutions are few and far between, and mostly focued on commercial access control.

Welcome to the NFC club!