Noob-First implant

Hey Everyone, So i ordered my first NExT chip, and am waiting for it to arrive
I found a local shop that is listed on your installer page…
I have a few questions i cant seem to find the answer too…
I ordered the NExT because my primary use and need is to emulate, my HID Key Card/Fob for work and my house, they are the same card type HID ProxCard that run at 125kHz
i was under the impression this was just going to be a Hex card code embedded in the implant and i would code that to my access control systems, however i am reading and it seems even better that these chips are programmable,…
and i can actually emulate an existing card i have with my implant, which is great,
Can someone please advise me as to what else i need to buy in order to program the chip…
In addition i am lookng to use the vCard on the chip as well as all the other features…
want to make sure i have everyting i need on hand, ONCE i get my implant in order to be able to use it right away, I am thinking i need Proxmark3 Easy as well…
Thank you

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youll need a proxmark3 easy which lucky for you DT sells


yep a unit is what you need. after getting it set up (easy enough but not a simple task either), then the commands are pretty straightforward.

lf search

That command will read your source card / fob and confirm the type and spit out the ID

lf hid clone -r 0102030405

This command will put your chip into HID mode and write the ID that you got from lf search to the T5577 chip in your NExT.

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It’s sounds like you are all over it; to add to the solid info you got from the guys above, just remember you only have ONE UID on the NExT that you can use, meaning you can’t copy both work and home card to your implant, BUT there is a simple solution.

I would suggest, copying your work UID to your NExT :next: and then enroll your home


Follow the directions on here (linked from the product page) and if you don’t understand a step then ask. I recently set one up on three different platforms (Windows, Linux, Android) so it isn’t too tricky.

THIS (unless your home is not under your control in which case decide whether security at work or at your dwelling are easier to work with and go talk to them).

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I was thinking apartment complex/condo/…

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As of my understanding you can use the NeXt for both. Ok of one of the Locations (Home/work) has a LF and the other HF systems

Yes you could,
the HF you would have to enroll because you can’t change the UID, of course it would still need to be compatible with the system.

The LF you could either enroll or change the UID and mode if required.

If you have a specific use case, let us know with as much information as you can and we can try and help you out with it.

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Ok my case will ne to use it at the home for like a wilka or others and the lf as access for the pc for Instance where i change my id if I have to change the pw. Makes sense?


Which product are you looking at for this?

The wave Id nanos I like do come in a LF version I believe, I chose Hf because green blinky

Had I given it more thought LF might have been smarter

If you go that route be extra careful of the model you select, I chose poorly once before

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I want to access my pc with a reader and the NeXt. The reader which you can buy from dt.

Thankfully, I am in control of MY office access control system, as well as my home! :slight_smile:
LOL its is my home, not a condo. so i have full control thanks everyone :slight_smile:


Just so you are aware, the HF side will be used for the Wilka Lock you mentioned AND the KBR1 reader also uses HF, which is not a problem for your computer unlock and the KRB1 reader will do this perfectly, except you need to be aware that you cant change the UID as you hoped, so your options would be.
Look at a LF reader as @Eriequiet suggested above OR use your HF UID as a kind of pseudo 2FA with a changeable phrase or password before or after you scan your NExT.

I hope this is making sense to you.

Also @Thetaz01 sorry for hijacking your thread. I does tie in with the “Noob-First implant” theme, but I can split it to it’s own thread if you want… no problem

Yes makes sense. Thanks for clarification. Now I need a use case for the lf side :wink:

No worries at all :slight_smile: totally fine with it…

Ok, so, I got some of my DT stuff…
I got my NExT chip, and the Reader, and the field locators…
I did not get my diag card which i emailed them about…
I just want to clarify…
Being really through, Before i get this NExT implanted…
I currently have HID RFID Cards, for my house and my offices ALL of which i am in control of., ALL of which run 125Khz 26bit.
The NExT chip will in fact do that im sure.
I just wanted to make sure, i have everything i need to operate my doors
ANYTHING I get over that is gravy
I did try to use the KBR1 RFID reader to read one of my HID cards, and it not working BUT i read I THINK that the KBR1 RFID is for other card types…
I should be getting my ProxMark3 today.
CAn anyone point me in a direction of a place to get instructions to get the PM3 working?
thank you all
Super excited about gettingthis done, BUT want to make sure i have everythingin line Before i get it implanted

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For your proxmark, the DT guide is really good, if you’re using windows.

If you’re using linux, the instructions on the Iceman repo are decent, but if you need help, feel free to DM me.

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If you’re using Linux you can just skip ahead to the step where they have proxspace running and go from there (clone the git repository etc…)