Noob-First implant

Thankfully, I am in control of MY office access control system, as well as my home! :slight_smile:
LOL its is my home, not a condo. so i have full control thanks everyone :slight_smile:


Just so you are aware, the HF side will be used for the Wilka Lock you mentioned AND the KBR1 reader also uses HF, which is not a problem for your computer unlock and the KRB1 reader will do this perfectly, except you need to be aware that you cant change the UID as you hoped, so your options would be.
Look at a LF reader as @Eriequiet suggested above OR use your HF UID as a kind of pseudo 2FA with a changeable phrase or password before or after you scan your NExT.

I hope this is making sense to you.

Also @Thetaz01 sorry for hijacking your thread. I does tie in with the “Noob-First implant” theme, but I can split it to it’s own thread if you want… no problem

Yes makes sense. Thanks for clarification. Now I need a use case for the lf side :wink:

No worries at all :slight_smile: totally fine with it…

Ok, so, I got some of my DT stuff…
I got my NExT chip, and the Reader, and the field locators…
I did not get my diag card which i emailed them about…
I just want to clarify…
Being really through, Before i get this NExT implanted…
I currently have HID RFID Cards, for my house and my offices ALL of which i am in control of., ALL of which run 125Khz 26bit.
The NExT chip will in fact do that im sure.
I just wanted to make sure, i have everything i need to operate my doors
ANYTHING I get over that is gravy
I did try to use the KBR1 RFID reader to read one of my HID cards, and it not working BUT i read I THINK that the KBR1 RFID is for other card types…
I should be getting my ProxMark3 today.
CAn anyone point me in a direction of a place to get instructions to get the PM3 working?
thank you all
Super excited about gettingthis done, BUT want to make sure i have everythingin line Before i get it implanted

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For your proxmark, the DT guide is really good, if you’re using windows.

If you’re using linux, the instructions on the Iceman repo are decent, but if you need help, feel free to DM me.

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If you’re using Linux you can just skip ahead to the step where they have proxspace running and go from there (clone the git repository etc…)

That’s true for compilation + flashing steps, but the DT guide doesn’t cover required prerequisite packages for each distro.

That’s why I linked the page from the repo, it has required packages for Ubuntu, Arch, Fedora, and openSUSE.

The notice about ModemManager is really important to see as well, if running a host linux install.

You will be able to read the HF UID of your NExT implant when it is installed.
Alot of people use this to unlock their computers.

Cool Cool ok i got it so that reader is HF, i tried it with a HF card i got with my PM3 and it reads perfect…
so let me make sure i understand the NExT chipset, fully
the LF is programmable, to a single type and card number
the HF is pre-coded and has to be used assigned that code to things…
PS thank you for all your help and pointers, i was able to fully get my PM3 working just now, read a card and clone it to a test card that it came with … im assuming it would be the SAME process when i get my implant?!

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Yep, this is all correct, other than the NDEF portion of the HF side. Basically, the UID (the “card number” or code as you put it) is fixed, but there’s still user-writable data on the chip. This is the kinda thing where you can scan it with a phone and pull up a website, business card, etc.

Yep, same as the test card. One tip though, I’m assuming you have a PM3 Easy: getting the antenna to couple with the LF side of the NExT is a bit tricky. Basically, move it around a ton over top of your implant, doing lf search commands, until you get a proper read on the LF side of your NExT. When you can do that consistently, over and over, that’s when you can write to it. If you aren’t aligned properly, it can somewhat brick the LF side of your implant, making things tricky to repair (due to lack of something called tear protection, you can read about it in other threads if you want more details).

Thats great to know and A LITTLE scary that i can actually BRICK something thats IMPLANTED in my skin :frowning: LOL
I will make sure i can read it a dozen times before i program…
I still have to schedule my appt to get it implanted

I do have one more question, I also have a safe that uses
That seems to also be a LF read… I’m assuming if i set my LF implant to HID i WILL NOT be able to also use it on my safe that uses EM410x


Yes, if you program the LF side of your NExT to HID mode, you will not be able to use it with your EM410x safe. Sadly it’s one or the other. You can program it as much as you want though.

You could always get an xEM or another NExT and put it in EM mode :wink:

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It’s true,

I have several LF implants because I have several different LF systems I run into and many are different modes

Better safe than sorry,

?? Several?? i was seriously considering getting a specific EM410x implant for my other hand… BUT how many is several? and where have you put em?

Lol… I guess I’m one of the more crazy crazies
I have 10 currently
4 LF

I keep all my implants to my left hand arm for the time being, as I was trying to “make up” for previous injury

LOL wow, thats awesome i love it… i cant imagine getting that many, didnt even know that was possible :slight_smile:
i can def see myself getting at least the two…

thanks again for the info

Hey Guys,
So i’m back…
I finally got my Implant(s) put in
I put in TWO NExT one in each hand
I have a few questions…
SO i went to a Dangerous Things, recomended location to have it implanted…
The guy first off was awesome, Super Friendly, and Knowledgeable
So i got it put in Yesterday, moments after it was put in, i was able to easily SCAN the chips with my phone NFC, however now the following day, I am having trouble scanning them.
I am assuming its just from slight swelling. but want to make sure thats normal.

Second, I need some guidance on the NFC chip portion…

I downloaded the NFC Tools app for the iPhone…
ANd i would like to know if there is a tutorial, and info on using and writing to the chip.
I see HOW to do it, I just wanted to make sure i dont BRICK something that is IN MY BODY! LOL

you should buy the WILKA lock from Digiwell - this is the RFID only lock.
the Lock with RFID & Bluetooth doesn’t eork with the implants like the NExT, xNT, xSIID
it works only wirh the fleximplants.
RFID only lock : lights green
the other lock: blue

i gog the wrong lock first by accidrnt…