Noob intro.. and which Proxmark to get?

Hello all.
I’m not new to RFID as I’ve built the RFID based punchclock we use at both locations at work. But it was built with off the shelf parts from sparkfun (pics on my instagram @turbo2ltr) so I’m still learning about all the different types of tags and what they can do. I am definitely new to implants.

I’m interested in getting the XEM implant for starters, as I believe it will work with my punchclock, but read up on the tag writing issues so I was going to get a Proxmark to play around with. I was at and they have three different versions. Does it matter which one I get? Should I get it from somewhere else? (hopefully a little less expensive?)

I noticed there are no install partners in Arizona. Is it just not popular here or are there legal reasons? As an engineer and COO with zero experience in body mods, is it silly of me to have a desire to become an “installer”? I think that will be my next google search… lol.


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Hi Mike,

The xEM comes pre-programmed in EM mode so it probably won’t be necessary to get the proxmark3. However, if you do get one, the more expensive kit version that offers you the ability to swap antennas around at will is the better option since the xEM’s geometry is an issue with most antennas… we are exploring creating a specific antenna kit for the proxmark3 that is designed to work well with the xEM.

As for installation, I believe it’s just lack of customers in that area. We partially rely on customers to expand our partner network, so we hope you are able to follow the guide and find a local professional, and that they eventually become a partner.