Noob introduction and question about xM1 and general usage

my name is Balint and I recently received my Lifestyle pack and am looking forward to my adventure. I´m probably implanting the NExT dual-chip first. IN the pack I also received the xM1 chip and I must say I can´t quite understand for what exactly I would use it for. So for the first question, why is it so special?

After doing research and getting some help there is another question that still was unanswered for me: My first little project to get more comfortable with this type of tech would be to use the implant instead of my key at school. In the pack was the test card which when touching to the door is blinking on the HF (13.56 MHz) side. So this means the low-frequency easy copy method won´t be working? After downloading the NFC app on my iPhone and scanning my key the following popped up:

What does this mean, what do I have to do to imitate this with my chip? Is the Proxmark3 required for this? Does this call for teh usage of the xM1 I don´t quite understand?

Many thanks in advance, this is a new world I´m diving into without any big tech knowledge and this forum has saved me sooo much time already:)

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You can clone a commonly used chip type to it, MIFARE classic.

It means that it’s probably a DESFIRE EV1. You can’t clone those, you can maybe enroll it in the system.

There’s a VERY SLIGHT chance that your school only checks the first 4 bytes of your cards ID, so maybe. A proxmark is always nice,but you could do that with other NFC reader/writers.

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As @yeka said, there is a slight chance that your xM1 will work on that system.

The only way to know for sure would be to test it.

if it is not compatible, your options would be
this would be almost certain to work, but you would need to enroll it. meaning it would likely require some social engineering to convince the system administrators to enroll it into the system.

The xDF2 or FlexDF2 are your next most likely to work.

what I would do in your position (remember, there are a few different approaches you can try)

approach the system admins [SOCIAL ENGINEERING required, build friendship, bribery etc, explain what you want to do, how easy it is to do and how it is more secure than a card, get THEM excited to try it]

Scan your xM1 on a reader either at the system terminal or at a known time and place so the can see if it shows up on the system, if it does, see if they can add that to your profile.
if so, then Yay. Job done. :+1:
or, alternative to that, that you could try first.
grab a ProxMark3, write your current UID to your xM1 (you will only be able to add the first 4 bytes)
try it on the system
if so, then Yay. Job done. :+1:

if not, or alternatively, you could grab a test card bundle.

in it you will have all you need to confirm what you are trying to accomplish and for most other implant projects in the future without have to risk testing on an implant first.
the pack comes with (Bold are the ones we have discussed)

Take your cards (in bold) to your friendly system admin, ask them to test as above each card to confirm compatibility.
If one or all work, then confirm if you come back with the equivalent implant, if they would be able to enroll it to your profile.

Like I said, there are a few different approaches and it will depend on how much time and money you would like to invest.

Unfortunately, in your situation, The social engineering part is almost certainly going to be required, THAT is often the most difficult part, but not impossible.
it comes down to your skills and their attitude / rules.

I would suggest you get a good understanding of what you are trying to do before approaching them, because it is hard to convince someone else when you are still trying to convince yourself…

practice your “speech” and read the people, drop “tech terms” for the tech minded, keep it simple for the people who look confused…make it easy for them to do and hard for them to say no.
make it worthwhile (bribery/gift)
You get the idea.

I hope all this makes sense.
of you are unsure about any of this, Just ask.


It is worth finding out what the School rules are around access and access cards first. Presumably they are published somewhere and they will say obvious things like don’t share them, but they might address cloning, card ownership, etc.

That way you know not to suggest cloning in front of them for example.

If it is embedded in your student ID card you could suggest that they remove that from the system so that it can no longer be used, and you can hardly lend someone else your implant. See, you’re just trying to help improve their security.

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Thank you for all of your answers, I have to say I didn’t expect it for you guys to help me this quick! I implanted the NExT in my dorm room and am very happy with it, still waiting for the ProxMark3 to arrive. So from the information I shared via that screenshot it is not possible to use the NExT for this? I probably have some huge knowledge gap and that’s why I don’t exactly understand what you are saying.
For it to be recognised and tested, can I take the syringe out without risking infections when I later open it to implant or is this not the way to go? Like that I could open my xM1 and just simply go up and ask them to give me access and hand in my original key to my dorm room, I think they would be fine with it. I don’t think I have to be sneaky as they probably will give me access with my implant (I mean why not, I’m just improving school security, right? :slight_smile: , as @Zwack said)
As for my last question, as for other NFC readers/writers as

said, can I do this with my iPhone?

Thank you very much for this user-friendly experience and please try to ignore my language as English is the third.

Unlikely, but there is an outside chance.

Yeah, it can be quite confusing :confused:
You might need to re-read through the comments above a few times and try and break it down into bite-size chunks.

Neither the NExT nor the xM1 are the “correct” implant for your school’s system, BUT, they MIGHT work.

Basically, the system could be setup to look for just a basic UID, which would be OK once it is enrolled, but if it does further interrogation of the chip, you likely won’t be able to use those 2 implants.

You COULD, but really shouldn’t, you would have to resterilise etc.
Not impossible, just not recommended.

A test card would be a better way to do this ( The only difference would be the read range, otherwise the principle is the same )

You can only write some stuff to some implants with your phone.

You cant read/write to Low Frequency devices ( Half of your NExT is xEM which is LF)
Most High-Frequency devices you can write NDEF data to ( including the other Half of your NExT is xNT which is HF) but you cannot change the UID of your xNT
You can change the NUID of your other HF implant the xM1, but not with your phone, you will need a Proxmark for that.

Ideally, you should get a proxmark, without one your implant capability will be limited

Wow, your English is amazing :+1:t4:

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