Noobie here - trying to find impanters

I’m really interested in biohacking and want to get an NFC transponder.
I’m pretty familiar with the technologies involved and don’t need help in that space, I’m more wondering where to find someone who will implant one. The partnered businesses around my area are definitely not still doing their transdermals and stuff.

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Where are you located?

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The shops I went to just got all weird about it and claimed their insurance wouldn’t cover it. I suggest you check YouTube for some great DIY videos.

I had luck by going to the shoddiest tattoo shop I could find in my area. I showed up with the implant and print outs of the professional guide, asked the owner and he agreed. My understating is that it’s very hard to get insurance for this stuff so you’re gonna have to find someone who’s willing to do it with out being covered.

I’m in around toronto canada sorry I didn’t mention that in my post.
I’m currently waiting for my family doctor to get back from maternity leave.
I plan on asking her but If she turns it down (I wouldn’t blame her) I’d need to find someone else.
I mainly just want to find someone who knows what they’re doing.
I’d do it myself if I wasn’t a little bitch.

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hahah well, honestly it’s not a good idea to DIY this.

Fam doc is your first best bet. Show her this - … it’s for VivoKey but it explains the procedure.

As far as professional partners, check our map -