"Normal" door lock

Does anyone know of any key tag door knobs that just install like a normal run of the mill door knob without adding any extra screw? I rent in an apartment complex and I dont think they will be cool with anything other than just being able to swap the knob.


There is a kajillion types of latches, deadbolts, strikeplates, lock cases, handles and cylinders out there. There ain’t no such thing as a normal door lock.

You have to determine exactly what’s on your door, then search for a compatible product that minimizes modifications and may be used with an NFC or RFID tag. And then perhaps, just perhaps, the NFC or RFID reader will be compatible with implants: either someone else tried it before, or you’ll have to try it yourself somehow before buying.

For the first part, usually there are model types engraved on the lock case. That’ll get you started to determine what sort of hardware is on your door.

I mean it’s the door knob on every home I’ve ever seen in the usa.

I’m not super worried about the key way exactly.

How long is the latch, is there a deadbolt, is it a deadlatch etc. just cause it looks like a run of the mill door knob doesnt mean there isnt a million different variables…

Could you post a picture of your

Inside , outside and latch would be ideal.
It might make finding you a solution a little easier.

QuickLock makes a door latch that reads ISO15693 tags like the Spark 1 or xIC (we used to sell)… and since the Spark 1 is no longer made, I think we could explore putting some I-CODE SLIX 2 chip implants that are ISO15693 on the market… let me think on this a bit…