Northstar V2 News?

Is there any news on the Northstar V2 implants? I can’t wait to get my own, they sound awesome

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We are more based around these implants

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Even tho’ this is the DT forum, I can understand why people post other stuff. And I think it’s good.

  1. DT Forum is basically the only active biohacking place.
  2. I think everyone here is interested
  3. I feel like I want the forums & amals opinion on safety

To answer the thread, afaik they are now working on an animal implant. “Embedivet” is the name.
Still having trouble getting certs or smthn like that…


I wonder if Northstar V2 would face similar issues as the flexNExT, had they opened commercial access to it.

My bodmod-artist and me actually planned on installing one on my chest, in the middle of the scarification. He said the thing was pretty safe considering coating and such, and being as thick as it is, I don’t think it would fail because of flexing - it simply isn’t able to flex at all. It’s more of a solid block…
Ultimately, we decided against installing it, because I (and my artist as well) was too scared to place a battery under my skin, which might ultimately blow up… even with the planned sensors, which would send a warning once the pressure starts to rise, the simple thought of something possibly exploding in my chest was a bit too much for me :smile:

That makes me think of aliens! just need a jack-in-the-box style puppet…

But seriously enough… it’s a shame that batteries are still so unsafe. :sleepy:

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Just to clarify Coma, I never had confirmation from anyone on the Grindhouse Wetware team either on or through personal communication that they were doing that. It was pure conjecture on my part. I can’t imagine not monitoring the pressure inside the sealed implant when there’s a battery that will vent hydrogen gas, but you never know. I just don’t want you to assume safety if you ever do get your hands on one.

Thanks for that one, anyway - it was one of those bits of information that really shaped my decision. I wasn’t fully aware of the possible dangers, and you helped me quite a lot with that :wink:

Same here, but since they never really brought it to the market (and I’m afraid they never will), I could imagine them just trying it out for some weeks or months, which should be “safe”. Like they did with the circadia, in a way…

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Wooooah this Northstar V2 sounds nice. Thanks for the links!

Does anyone have them installed yet or they’re still looking for people willing?

If I get it right, they’re not. My artist tried to contact them, but they didn’t answer - so I think the whole project is either put on ice or abandoned. The latest news about the Northstar are about 1.5 years old, I think…

Yeah in their update video they said that they have enough potential customers and even investors, but they can’t or don’t want to launch the product, because it may be illegal. Hence the move to animal implants, but they face the same problems there afaik.

not likely … from what I gather it’s going to be a solid lump of either silicone or probably pmma resin. not what i would call comfortable… but still… its likely to be robust like a brick under your skin.

I know that embedivet’s implant has these sensors… so maybe grindhouse borrowed this design concept… but again… it’s a lot of risk to bet your life on a $0.20 sensor and an unknown encapsulation and testing process.

not likely they are worried about it being illegal… more likely they are worried about the legal liability they become exposed to if someone gets killed or seriously hurt.

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It really feels like it’s mostly because the whole Northstar is one of those products which deliver an amazing Proof of Concept, but will never reach commercial readiness.

As in…

  • only works under a very controlled environment
  • contains a serious risk which you still don’t know how to mitigate
  • Is not meant to be used in real-life situations nor for long periods of time.

similar to corset piercing or Fashion Week apparel.

in short, this: