Not detecting my NeXT

I installed my NeXT two hours ago (by certified pircer).
Meanwhile I didn’t manage to detect the chip with the card at all.

The pircer said it is might be because the spot is still swollen.

Do I have something to be worried about?

Or it’s normal?

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can you show what you are talking about?
what “card”?

Exactly that.

You pro ably wont get reliable reads until after approximately 2 weeks

Not at all


This looks loke a lot of fluid build up, but difficult to really tell with your hand held like that.

We cant even see the point of penetration



I mean this card. Diagnostic card.

The diagnostic card is to test the frequency of the reader.
You put the reader in front tof the reader and an led light up letting you know if it’s an LF or HF reader. It is not for testing the implant.

In 2 weeks, try to read the implant with a reader. For the ntag side you can do it with your phone :+1:

Found Amal’s video talking about it:


Well, it’s been a month since the installation,
So far, I can only read it with my Android and mostly without the case and only in a certain spot.
Iphone never worked.
Also, now I tried to connect it to a smart door lock but the reader in the door couldn’t read my implant.
Should I be worry at this point?
Maybe the installation was not successful?


So it is working!!!

You just need to learn how to position your reader/phone.
Present perpendicular to the antenna
Move S L O W L Y

How did you try to read it.
Top edge of the iphone?

Which lock.
Can you scan an access card with TagInfo

No, it is working, you just need some practice.

Same as above