Not even the apocalypse could stop me for long

The value of it is that the crappy old 4 byte ID Mifare “classic” 1k S50 cards are still used by the millions for tons of legacy systems or new systems that keep the legacy card support active. For newer stuff, not so much. It’s not even technically NFC compliant, but SOME phones with NXP reader chips can still use for NFC data.

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If it helps, the Arduino project we where chatting about would let you do what you are taking about. But yeah, the xM1 NUID is changeable, but it’s only 4 bytes (essentially 4 characters, so letters, numbers, etc) which limits your options.

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That is good to know, and I will keep it in mind. I currently only have one thing I swipe. And that is a work badge. So not sure how I would use it to it’s fullest potential right now.

Are there say bigger tags? Say like one that can be 32 long, but I only have to write in say 13 letters. So it would say back those 13, instead of 32? I am not sure I am making sense.

What implant are you using for this?

You are; I have a SIMPLE idea for you once I know your implant you are using


I have a Next, I am using my LF side for that, the 120khz one right?

Are you implying that wiring together your own reader and learning to code the Arduino and working out how to store and retrieve the password is not simple?

How dare you sir :rofl:


Pretty much
Low Frequency we normally call it 125kHz ( has a range of 30 -300 kHz I think )
So that has a 40bit UID, ( in EM Mode ) so you could use that.
Regardless of mode, you can simply use your UID and a LF Reader ( Or Multi reader ), Equivalent to the KBR1.
Cheap on the usual shopping sites ( Not sure of your preference ), just search 125kHz reader and you should find a wedge type reader, they also do USB form factors.

Amazon example

Or you could use your NExT- xNT with the KBR1, same deal
Depending on sign in security requirements ( Need to change monthly etc )
You could prefix or suffix a pin or passcode that you change.


You could use @anon3825968 suggestion of ROHOS
( That will be another nice commission for @anon3825968 there :wink: :money_mouth_face: )

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It’s been almost 2 weeks, and things are pretty much healed, with the one in my hand nearly invisible with a quickly disappearing tiny scar and just BARELY visible bruising, and maybe a tiny bit of internal swelling, but so little that it’s hard to tell haha.

The one in my arm still just a TAD bruised, but only really visible if the light hits it just right. The scar itself basically blends into the freckles if you aren’t actively looking for it, and likely will get pretty hard to see fairly soon even if you ARE looking for it at this rate.

Neither of them have moved at all, and everything seems pretty great!


Ya musta nicked something cause thats a mighty bruise for such a small thing


Yeah I dunno… bruise on my arm only started like 3 or 4 days after the fact, and has been slowly fading, everything seems fine, and it hasn’t been drifting or doing anything odd, and I can read it fine, so like… whatever haha.


My xLED bruised in my arm also. I know I didn’t hit a main vessel only because I used a tourniquet.

The only thing left is it appears I am allergic to the included dressings, I have a faint scar from it.

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