Not sure where else to say this but Michelle S. provided the best customer service I've ever had in my entire life

You can create one. Here’s an idea: order something and have it delivered to my old address in Liège. When you don’t receive it, you’ll have an issue to interact with Michelle about - and I’ll have the goodies, as my mail is still forwarded :slight_smile: )


I had the pleasure of having a minor order issue that @mdanger fixed. Think this is the only time I have contacted a product support service that I ended up happier than if I had never needed to contact them.


Yes, misplacing an order and having it sorted out by Michelle is part of the Full DT Experience[tm] :slight_smile:


My sincere congratulations to @mdanger fully committed to us. I don’t know how time was given for all the follow-up and support during these couple of weeks. Yesterday I finally received my package and the first thing I implanted was my VivoKey in my forearm :slight_smile:

Mis sinceras felicitaciones a @mdanger completamente comprometida con nosotros. No se como se dio tiempo de todo el seguimiento y apoyo durante este par de semanas. Ayer por fin recibí mi paquete y lo primero que me implanté fue mi VivoKey en el antebrazo :slight_smile:

:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:



Thank you so much for your kind words :slight_smile: I was really thrilled your package finally made it!

My very best,



Mine should get here on Monday, in time for Lassi’s yearly visit - which was far from a sure thing since I live out in the sticks and the local customs aren’t exactly speedy here. Thanks Michelle for shipping it quick and sorting out my messy orders, and dealing with customs stuff.

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she is super cool, I ordered thursday and recieved friday and got extras. Thank you.

Gonna revive this thread with a shout out to @mdanger

Thanks for reaching out to makesure I got my flex!!