Noticing Implant by handshake

Hello all,

I don’t yet have an implant but, for those who do, have people noticed the implant during a handshake? if so do they ignore it or begin questioning?



I am not a big fan of a handshake anyway, but nobody has ever mentioned anything.
They would be more likely to see it than feel it, I sorta looks like a vein or tendon, but feels even more so like it during a handshake. The squish of their hand onto the squish of your hand, it really just disappears


The only chip I have that really sticks out is the oversized EM in my right hand. Bad luck, that’s also the shaking hand hand…

People I shake hands with don’t notice it, but I do if they’re one of those annoying people who insist on crushing every bone in your hand. It’s not painful, just annoying - both the chip being forced out of position and the handshake itself. Usually it only happens once though, as I never hesitate to tell the forceful hand-shaker that they’re being disrespectful and that they won’t have a second chance to do that again without consequences.


Ah good point, i didnt consider it being uncomfortable during a strong handshake. But im glad it isn’t that bad.

I have had 0 people ask me about it over 15 years, even when getting a therapeutic massage and they work the hands over, they obviously are feeling it, but nobody even blinks an eye. Also, when it comes to handshakes, I don’t ever get the feeling anyone is applying specific pressure just to the implant itself… meaning it’s a general broad pressure exerted over a large area, so it would be impossible to actually feel the implant because it moves with the tissue. The only way to feel it really is to poke right at it, like the massage people do, and they don’t seem to think anything of it.




Probably out of kindness: they’re aware you’ve been abducted and chipped, but they don’t know if you are :slight_smile:


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I only have one on my left hand and I never do handshake with left hand. I’m sure someone has seen my slight visible bump on my hand (because I did it slightly high and I’m skinny) but no one has asked me anything yet.

The large EM in my right hand is very noticeable: it’s lumpy, the skin on top of it is considerably whiter in hue - especially when it’s cold - and it almost looks like a bit of a 6th metacarpal because it’s dead parallel to the index one. Nobody’s ever asked me what it was, or even glanced at it.

I guess everybody has some kind of body imperfection and it’s just not that out of the ordinary.


Even if people notice, I bet it falls under “probably not worth asking about in case it’s something they don’t want to talk about” category. Nothing quite like asking “hey, I noticed something potentially slightly weird about your body, what’s up with that?” And having the other person freak out our get embarrassed, or whatever.


Indeed. Years ago, one of the guys in the team I was managing had a very large mole on his neck. I politely, as a friend, outside work, told him he should have it checked out. The guy took offense, went to HR and complained that his manager had no business giving him medical advice - which, strictly speaking, was true - and I got reprimanded.

So yeah, now I mind my own business, even if you have a third arm growing out of your ass.

On a side note, the guy did have it checked out about a year later - probably on a family member’s advice that time - and it turned out to be a melanosarcoma at a rather advanced stage. I’m not one to hold a grudge but… karma’s a bitch ain’t it? :slight_smile:


Got mine and never told my wife. If she hasn’t noticed and asked while holding hands, then it’s probably one of those things you will notice because you know it’s there but no one else will be paying enough attention to a random lump in your hand.

As an update I finally told my wife, wouldn’t be able to explain the upgrade I’m planning for the garage door opener… That was three days ago and she’s still pretty pissed.


Wow… that’s on the DL for sure… because wives will speak up about anything and everything… so she definitely hasn’t noticed it yet.


So she hasn’t noticed the RFID reader by the door yet? :slight_smile: