Now that im committed, what magnets should i worry about?

I would think the soap and water would lubricate the shards and make them slip in even easier.

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I have, but never with a layer of skin in the way.

I have faith in my skin. I would not think this is possible.

I have NO idea though. And it will drive me nuts until I can test it now.

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I’ve worked in a metal shop with a magnet in my finger. It’s not as bad as you would think. Metal dust does accumulate in the crease of my install scar, but it’s easy enough to brush away. You could always just pinch your magnet tightly with another finger and hold a more powerful magnet nearby. Also, don’t forget that only ferromagnetic metals will be affected. Stainless steel and aluminum are not magnetic, and I’ve never met someone who has machined Nickel or Cobalt.


I work on small gun parts. There’s just no way I can wear gloves: I have to feel what I do. I’ve tried latex gloves in the past, because I have a big thing with dirty fingernails, and I can’t stand having constantly black nails and skin because of the lampblack we use for parts fitting. But it doesn’t work: the latex gloves last about 5 minutes before tearing. And they’re terrible because they don’t let the sweat out.

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so maybe I exaggerated when I said skin was like butter… it’s not… and metal shards will not go flying through your skin like a hot knife through butter… but what I am saying is that IF you do not take precautions AND if you do not wash your hands properly AND if you work with very fine shavings AND those shavings work their way into your dermis, then they will work themselves inward, not outward as normal invasive slivers or shards might do… because you have a magnet inside you… and it’s pull on a metal shard that has managed to be ignored and maybe even pushed into your skin a bit by standing straight on end while you impact your hand on something just right to shove it in like a nail… what I’m saying is, it’s a concern I have and when I had a magnet I did get metal shavings on my finger … stuck there standing straight out… and I carefully looked at what was happening to my skin. While most were easily brushed away or washed away, a few had started to make little inroads through the dermis… like maybe 0.1mm or so… just starting to make little holes and burrow in. I don’t have pictures of this because I didn’t think of it at the time… but I was easily able to pull them out so no issue… it’s just one of those concerns that probably has plenty of reasons it’s not cause for serious concern… just that my brain can’t ignore the possibility that a magnet under my dermis might pull something through it one day… again… not an issue for xG3 or Titan… but this is one of many reasons I never bothered to get a silicone or parylene magnet.


I knew what you were getting at.

This kind makes sense. Basically, no dirty birds should get a magnet implant.

That is very reasonable. I still plan to play around with shavings and see. I am genuinely curious.

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Me too! Document well for the good of all, and I will too.

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I would really love to buy a Titan magnet for my fingertip. I’m busy reading magnet related posts in this forum to sort out any question before placing the purchase. But honestly, this would be my first magnet implant and I had the same questions and concerns in mind, because I have a offer to work in a store in Germany. I asked them about the magnet that they use because I have the same concerns. My biggest fear was that I will be really close to this magnet, especially my fingertip with the Titan. If I really start to work there for many hours, six days per week… it makes me really worry about many things. I see the most issues in the healing process. I imagine that it’s not good to expose the Titan to a magnetic field that will try to pull the magnet out of the incision site… And my other concern would be weakening/demagnetizing a 500$ implantable magnet over the time I work there… I asked myself if long term exposure to this strong field might be a bigger problem… So I’m sorry if this question might be answered somewhere else, but it would be great to know if someone here in the forum has really tested a long term exposure of similar magnets?
Another thought: The Titan is tiny, this other magnet I will have close by is really big… Having this big one constantly pulling on my Titan even after the healing process…even if it would not demagnetize it… what if it causes the Titan to migrate inside of the fingertip?!
Has someone ideas on that point?!
Maybe @Azflyer ? Since you wrote a book about magnet implants, you might have many experience with fingertip sensing magnets!?

You say there that you are “pretty sure” that stores don’t use such big magnets. How sure is your “pretty sure”? Can you give me a guarantee that there is no store on this planet, that uses big magnets, close to my working surface? I ask this, because as I said above, I asked the shop owner in my case, and of course he has no guarantee for me, because no one with a fingertip magnet worked there before. Because of security reasons, he was not able to tell me how close and how big this magnet is to my future workplace… But he was able to tell me that they use a really strong and kinda big magnet…

Good idea! I think I will ask the shop owner if he allow me to make this experiment…I think he will allow it, hopefully also as a little bit like a long term experiment, because he had tons of questions about the sensing magnets! :wink: looks like he wants one too! :smile:

Thanks in advance for any helpful answer!

I think that’s a mistake, I would personally file this well in the “ better to ask forgiveness than permission”
Won’t know what the hell you’re talking about and will at best dismiss you, or at worst think you’re a bit crazy

Worst case
Boss: what’s that?
You: huh I don’t know, looks like a magnet wonder where it came from
Boss: walks away

It’s a magnet the size of a grain of rice roughly, toss one on the pad and leave it, in the many years of retail I wish I could drink away, I never broke one of those pads, so they are built pretty well

Like I said I’m pretty sure they won’t nuke a neodymium magnet, since they only occasionally can mess with a magnetic strip card, which is factors weaker

I was just voicing that the machines are “technically” working in a demagnetizing role, so caution may be suggested

A lot to un pack here
So first, most stores that have theft systems will often use super strong magnets as a method to remove them

It’s pretty simple, it’s a small ratcheting pin, the magnet pulls on the ratchets internal mechanism allowing the pin to be removed

Again, I wouldn’t be asking direct questions about this, boss won’t know what your going on about

You will know if there is a magnet for sensor removal

Step 1, don’t place magnetic implant into field of big magnet
Step 2 repeat as desired

Typically the things work so easy you can use them one handed so just use your non cyborg hand

Worst case, just say “I have metal in my hand, and I’m afraid it might hurt me, as my boss you are willing to make a reasonable accommodation right?”


I will not guarantee that because there is no way I could bbe sure at 100% but huge n52 magnets are very expensive and probably way too strong for this use…
Also one thing I need to point out is that the magnetic field of a magnet gets extremely weak extremely fast over distance (inverse square law). What I mean is that at 1-5cm from the magnet (even big ones) there is no impact on your implant at all, you wouldn’t even be able to feel it. So basically there is no such thing as “long exposure” unless you spend the entire day with the specific side of the specific finger again the magnet.

Here is the exact risk (post healing, I would be more careful during healing) : you’re reaching over to grab something, your finger is in exactly the right position to be facing the magnet. It gets closer than 2cm, and you feel a sharp pull (possibly a bit painful). You get surprised and pull it back as if you saw a ghost. Everyone thinks you’re crazy :rofl:

Solutions ? Put the magnet in a finger that is less exposed (ring finger for example). Or put it in the hand that is not used to remove tags… Or simply be careful when you remove tags…

When it comes to demagnetization, as I said , there’s no long exposure here, what you will have is a series of short exposures at approximately 5-10cm depending (assuming you use that hand). From experience, at that distance you barely feel it , so I personally would not worry. Maybe over a lifetime you would loose 20% instead of 10% :man_shrugging: but I’m not a doctor or a scientist.

Overall don’t touch it directly and you’ll be fine
I got at 3cm of something similar to this
and nothing noticeable happened.

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