NTAG Rings? Any chance they will be restocked?

Anyone know if there are any plans to restock the NTAG/T5577 rings? They are/were pretty much my go to gift for people that are excited about implants but don’t want to “Full-dive” just yet. The Magic Mifares are nice but way more than anyone I would give them to would ever need/want. They are mostly interested in the opening cabinet doors or tapping with an iPhone level use cases. I haven’t logged on for a while so they may be discontinued and I’m just out of the loop or sumthin. Cheers!

I believe that they are discontinued.

Ah, that’s unfortunate.

Since DT has discontinued them I don’t feel bad saying there are some options in Banggood type websites…

Closest option I can find

Ntag 213+t5577

I see your logic, and the NTAG NFC is a good show off option, business cards etc. and as you know, the Mifare Rings also have their benefits over NTAG, especially when it comes to

You will probably have some more options with the Mifare, from my experience at least, I have found more Mifare compatiable locks.
So maybe a gift on a case by case basis
For your ease of look up


Thank you all as always for the quick and helpful replies!

This is the one I ordered most recently actually. It works great as expected for the T5577 and they love that they can get around at work by impressively waving their hands at the door scanners. But they happen to be apple scum (Like myself) and so the Mifare 1K side isn’t compatible with their phone.

But, as you suggested great for any other household accessories.

The Magic ring is great I’m really just niche complaining lol

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Sweet, I appreciate the link.

The first step is admitting it :iphone: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: