NTAG216 Badge Formatting / RFID Integration

Hi, I’ve struggled with “Facility Codes” in the past and am still not getting it…

I found out some of our badge readers at work can use both NFC and RFID, but the system has ever only been setup to do RFID. I found the section in the badge control software to add more badge formats, but am not exactly sure what to enter.

I’m using an NeXT, I pulled the serial with the TagInfo tool and displays in a hex format. From there I convert it to decimal and am given a 13 digit number, am I on the right track?

From here I’m trying to setup the badge format to accept the code and am stuck:

Is it a 13 bit/char length? Can I do a facility length of 5 and then a badge ID of 8? Anyone know what ABA vs NonABA is?


The HF side of the next is not meant to do access control. The serial does not nicely convert to a facility code and card number.

If you want to use the HF side you will need to figure out how your readers handle 14a UID. Are they HID?

The readers are HID MultiClass SE, and the panel is a SuperTerm.

Thanks so much by the way, I’ve been searching for hours and can’t find anything

Hit a reader with the reader manager app and see what they’re set to for 14a UID

Alternatively, why not just use the LF side of your next?

I’ve never heard of the Reader Manager App (I’m sorta new to this stuff), but I’ll look around in the software I do have access to.

I have setup my LF for the system, but the sweet-spot is sooooooo small compared to HF, the HF reads almost immediately, the LF has to be in the exact right spot. Pain in the butt

This may not help at all, but is there a section in the software which will issue reports on who has been granted access and instances where access has been denied? If so, you could swipe your HF side on a reader, which will deny access, but it should be logged. Then find the report and copy the data of the denied scan and enter it as a new user.


Tried that many a times :slight_smile: I think I read somewhere that since the Badge Format isn’t entered into that picture I posted, it won’t even display whether it read it or not - dumb!!!


Quick Tip – There are essentially two kinds of badge data types; ABA and NonABA. Both data types have the same data fields available to them – ‘Badge ID’,
‘Facility’ and ‘Issue’. If using mag stripe or a barcode, you must include Badge ID
(its a required field) in your badge format. Facility and Issue are optional.

Source ( Continental Instruments Systems CardAccess 3000 Operator’s Guide )
Page 243

It could have some useful information in there for you

CA3000_B127_manual.pdf (4.2 MB)


i think the easiest way to go about this is to contact the software people to see how you can start logging invalid card swipes… then see what the system sees your card as… and blamo. easy peasy.

honest to goodness, I have seen a lot of these types of shitty card systems actually NOT record any failures and have no capacity to actually log invalid swipes… so you could sit there bruteforcing card IDs all day long and the system would happily ignore you… and they call their garbage a “security product”… pshhhh

Thanks, yeah, that’s what I ended up doing.

For anyone who may see this in the future…

The HID MultiClass readers apparently interpret these tags as a 32bit credential, so the badge formatting I added was:
NTAG 32bit 0 Facility Code, 0 Offset, Credential Length 32.

Hope this helps someone!