ntagN21x password protection tagwriter updated v4.8.9

Now that the nxp tagwriter app (android (v4.8.9) implememts full password protection features for ntag216, add password and then implement lock prevention, thus enabling protection to be set on and off for rewrite and formatting, whilst preventing permanent locking.

Is it right to say that the needs of DNFC are superceded now and the dull password and lock prevention features can now be used with the xNT?

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Good question… haven’t evaluated fully yet.

If you do, would you mind sharing your thoughts and opinions as a follow up (if you get time)? I’ve tested using ntag216 cards with the aim of trying to brick the card through normal and unintended usage and so far so good. I’m intending to get more xnt implants and want to use this method of utilising the full security features and using full protection.