Nuki+NExT+Nodemcu ROCKS!

Hello everybody!

This is my door unlocking tool, based on Esphome & Home Assistant with a WeMos board and a Nuki 2.0 smart lock.
I use the 125khz chip with a good performance RDM6300, very easy to configure with EspHome and… It works well!

Hope you enjoyed it. Happy new year to everyone!



Cool project buddy.

It would be great if you could upload a video of it in action.

Even better if you could provide enough details for others to build their own.

Parts list
prigress photos
code etc

Sure! Just give me some time and i will! (Now going to bed :smile: )
It’s strictly hecessary have and know home assistant, cause all the other solutions may involve relays or software API (so more difficult)

Have a nice eve

Anyway, for now, part list is:

Wemos D1 board (mini is good to and probably any ESP8266/ESP32 board)
RDM6300 rfid reader with external antenna
DC Power supply (i use a 12v from cameras and wemos has plug that support it)

Home assistant is running on a Raspberry PI 4 and has the NUKI integration to control via aitonation the NUKI 2.0 with WiFi bridge in the same network.

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