Number of Implant - Unblock Computer

Hello, I unblock my computer with my implant, I use de DT reader.
My question:
¿Is possible to change the number of my implant to put other personal number? or the number is a serial number?
¿Are other possibilites to unblock my computer with implant more secure?

I know you have a NExT, The UID is not changeable on the HF side ( Which is the side that works with the KRB1 Reader. )

Are you using Windows, Linux, or Mac?

I can highly recommend Rohos

Aye @Rosco :wink:

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I use Windows and Mac, Linux is VM on Windows

I use Windows 11, Mac os and Linux Mint

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you can get the “unloki” from Digiwell. There you can chsnge the password and use your implant.

The improved keyboard wedge project is very similar, but cheaper and more flexible. The only issue is that the rc522 is not a great reader. I am currently adding PN532 support as well.

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