Number of implants poll

Hi @anon3825968 - we haven’t had any hand injuries that I can remember, not lately at least.

Mostly right-handed, and if we were gonna hit something it’d probably be with the right hand, so we won’t put anything on the blade of that hand. Tho we generally don’t hit things at all… or if we did, it wouldn’t be with bare hands anyways. :smile_cat:

FWIW we kinda see the space on the back of the hands as like, it varies alot so everyone’s hands are probably really different? Like even between left & right, there’s differences where the veins and tendons or whatever are, so we couldn’t have implants in the same exact spots on both hands.

We just like, examine a spot really carefully and poke around and stuff, to try figuring out if its practical or not. Tho, its not like we have any medical training or whatever. :smile_cat: Just luck & (educated?) guesses, lol.

Edited to add: I’ve been reminded that we’ve had like, 3 or 4 crashes on our bicycle since we started implanting things in our hands & arms, and did break a finger on our left hand last year. No damage or harm or whatever to any of the implants tho.


My implants:

Left hand:
thumb / index: X2
ring finger: magnet
knife edge: flexDF

left forearm:
vivokey Spark 2

left upper arm:

right hand:
thumb / index finger
xM1 +

pimkie / ringfinger

knife edge: xLED

right forearm
vivokey flexone beta

left lower leg:

planned implants:

xSIID green: left hand between the index and thumb
xSIID blue: just thinking about a position
xM1: left hand side Thumb
xNT: right hand side thumb

if the converted payment chip will work: lef side arm


Wow. I’m impressed - and in no small part by your choice of placement in the fingers.

giphy (28)

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How does implants on top of fingers work? Isn’t there a bone close to the skin?

flex devices don’t care so much about bone… however some people are putting the xG3 magnet into fingers… it’s a slight bit riskier

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On a side note, I wonder if the body gets used to getting implants: my first one resulted in a lot of swelling, under-the-skin bleeding and such that took 2 weeks to clear (although it was a bit of a botched job if I’m honest). The second implant site swelled a bit but it went back to normal in 3 days, despite the chip being oversized. The third one, I had it done 36 hours ago and it never swelled up in the first place.

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I don’t think so… i think people get better at installing :wink: but honestly, it can be luck too… if you hit a larger blood vessel you’re going to get swelling and bruising… and bodies are all a bit different too… you might get a bit of swelling in one place but not another.


Last night we installed our xLED LF. :smile_cat:

Its our 15th self-implant, and it went really fast & easy. Probably the easiest yet. Definitely thinking, practice makes perfect lmao. :smiley_cat:

Put it in the left hand between thumb & forefinger - we already have an xNT in there but the xNT was our 1st and way too deep, so the xLED isn’t close to it.

Still gotta install our xLED HF that’s going in the right hand, maybe next week. :smile_cat:


I should visit the forums more often :slight_smile:
Currently I have 22 implants.



You should, Long time no see… welcome back

Did you want to share, What you have and where?
I imagine that it could be beneficial to many people, there always people on here asking where they can install…


This is interesting, but I think other questions about mentality as well as numbers would give for better data to ease the minds of sceptics and people unsure. I think the data lacking for me(who has 0 implants) is benefits, effort to integrate into daily life, how often does it go slightly wrong(things like implants moving), who is the kind of person for self install or professional install. These data points would be a better thing to read for people like me. I do have implants coming so I wont be without soon

You have literally 0 pieces of material in your body that you weren’t born with?

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Yeh, well I guess I have fillings, but nothing else

Hrmm, interesting. Yeah, I wouldn’t count fillings, although dentistry is a valuable source of information for grinders because dentists do wierd stuff

I totally agree that these would be valuable things to know, that’s just a huge undertaking and I’m never going to have enough time to compile all that :sweat_smile:

Most of that information is available if you spend some time browsing the forums. That’s kinda why we all put so much time and effort into sharing our experiences and answering questions on here. It’s like a big support network.

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I get what you are asking, but it is kind of like " how long is that piece of string?"

Also, I am wary of derailing @Satur9 thread by even asking my own question of @Vicarious

But I feel It kind of fits " Number of implants poll"

If @Satur9 doesn’t mind me answering your questions here ( I will be brief )

*another disclaimer, this is probably going to come across as , rude, abrupt, defensive. That is not the intent, merely, pointed statements for brevity and clarity. So apologies in advance :smiley: *

You have kind of answered your own question by diving into this implant world yourself.

Huge question when you break it down with far too many answers to publish that here

This is definitely arguable depending on your stance, My answer to SKEPTICs would NOT be any of the ones listed HERE, I simply wouldn’t waste my time trying to convince a skeptic, By their nature they are closed minded people, I REALLY don’t care what they think!!! (Which is why I never posted in that thread)
HOWEVER a person who is UNSURE they are going to be more open-minded and willing to learn, These people, I will happily give them all the time in the world and bend over backwards for, and do my best to answer any and all questions I am able to.

The answer to that is throughout this forum, but to break it down ( we could go further, but for brevity sake)
Security, Access, Personal data, business cards, projects, health, party tricks, discreet data storage, conversation starter…

Surely the question should be, WHY did it go wrong??? experience, amateur vs professional ( even “professionals get it wrong” ), ill-informed, lack of: Research, experience, technique, hygine…
How often does it NOT go wrong!!! ( just sayin’ )

Again, I would say there is no typecast for either, it can come down to a whole modicum of things: access to professional installer, previous experience, medical professional, financial, time, knowledge, logistics, part of the whole experience…

There is no repository for your specific questions, but all the answers you seek lie within the Forum that is…Dangerous things :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great stuff, and I look forward to seeing you on this forum.

Remember, if you have any questions about your install and implants, don’t be afraid to ask, I promise, the answers won’t come across as curt as these ones.

I truely hope no offence taken

ANSWER to How long is a piece of string?
twice as long as half its length!


I don’t take it as rude at all. And I know it can all be found here that’s why I’m here. And I understand the undertaking of compiling all that information.


1: neodymium magnet 2x1 mm with Sugru coating
2: xNT
3: m31
4: xEM in HID mode
5-7: m31
8: xBT
9: xEM in EM mode
10: xNT
11: flexNT
12: VivoKey Flex One (beta)
13: xM1 (the original Mifare Classic, without CMB)
14: xM1 (I had the original xM1+, but I’ve replaced it with the new and improved xM1 with CMB)
15: xLED LF
16: xLED HF
17: VivoKey Spark 1
18: VivoKey Special project - contactless payment implant
19: xG3: left tragus (not in the photo obviously)
20: xG3: right tragus (not in the photo obviously)
21: xLED LF
22: xG3


Awesome, great share I’m sure that will help out a lot of people, or at least give them some ideas.

Would you be happy for me to use that in the the WIKI BEGINNERS GUIDE to implants? in the “Where can I put it” as an actual example.
I will reference and link it back to you.

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This is GOOD info