Number of implants poll

Yes, you can use it for that purpose.
I should get a new x-ray. When this one was made, I only had 14…


Haha ONLY 14… :grin:
Awesome thanks. I’ll let you know when I have done it

I will get number 20 next week :slight_smile: Got this week 3 implants - one magnet in my tragus and 2 RFIDs in my hands.
I think I will make a x-ray again after getting the payment chip


Four and counting🙂

Left hand: VivoKey spark1 in standard location
Right hand: NExT in standard location, xG3 betheen 3 & 4 metacarpal’s and xM1+ in blade of hand.


Lol, I didn’t intend for this to be a thread about who has the most Implants.

*Satur9 does not endorse getting a shit-ton of implants and showing off to your friends
**If your implants last more than four extremities, please consult your doctor(s)


I just had a thought: besides the number of chips, implantees have a bunch of money inside them also. I for instance only have 4, but that’s already $255 right there - not to mention, for a combined weight of less than half a gram, it would be 10 times cheaper to implant the same weight in 24-carat gold :slight_smile:

And I’m not even counting the cost of various accessories - readers and such - and the piercers’ fees. Not that it bothers me mind you, but it’s another way to look at our “hobby” I guess.


Haha. This is so true. The xSIID cost that alone maybe I should start buying gold instead.


Gold < Microchips and Flashy lights

I’m biased tho.


I’m curious…
What is the most implants one has gotten in a single day?.

I’m going for 6 at once soon. If the Apex comes out in time… 7? Unless my installer is like “Noooo, too many!”


Dang that’s alot, Only thing you should worry about is infection,
But if you and your installer are comfortable with it, I say go for it
And goodluck :call_me_hand:

It is a bit silly and I’m fully prepared to have them advise me against that many at once. I’ve rescheduled work for maximum healing time and I’ve had some other pretty nasty procedures like removing the cartilage from my septum so I’m kinda prepared for pain, swelling and healing :sweat_smile:


Lol I’ve got some cadaver bone in my foot does that count?


That’s good,
Sounds like you know what you’re doing.
Don’t forget to take pictures afterwards, We’d love to see them on here.


Just spoke, 6 is definitely ok :slightly_smiling_face: and i will most definitely have photos (hopefully video too but possibly not!). Hoping I can get my doctor to OK an xray some time after too.

Curious - has anyone had to “justify” getting an xray of their implants? I know docs can sometimes be a bit weird about non-essential things like that cuz money etc. If so, what did you say? @amal, @vicarious, anyone?


I won’t get an x ray until the rest of my implants go in, I’m curious as well what to say when I go in.

If your piercer is anything like mine, he’ll say “Here’s my crazy friend coming back for another crazy device!” with a huge grin on his face. He himself is tattooed from head to toe, has all manners of piercings and split body parts, and I’m totally plain-looking, yet he thinks I’m his most deranged customer :slight_smile:


My friend who has 8 decent size tattoos thinks the same. But oh well.

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When I asked my family doctor for a referral to get an x-ray, she asked “Why? Did something happen? Did you break a bone?”
So I explained that I have these implants and that I would like to make sure that the coating is intact of my implants. She accepted that as a valid reason. I really just wanted an x-ray so I could use it whenever I have a talk at a conference or an interview with journalists.


Thanks! I was gonna try saying “It’d be good to have them on file in case I need emergency surgery or something.” but not sure if that’s valid enough