Number of implants poll

Multiple safes, might be building a 3rd in the near future

Multiple access systems

Yea I guess a xLED could count too lol,
It’s all good I was just amused by the very one sided percentages

Must mean you don’t have any crappy LF systems to deal with

DT have been out of LF xLED for a while now, I assume you are still in Sweden, so bought from Digiwell or KSEC etc?

Actually, that’s just made me wonder
People normally go for the HF xLED, because of reader availability.
The LF xLED never seemed as popular (to me at least…even though they sold out)

LF xLED would actually be a another good implant for use with Flipper :flipper: to make it blink…anyway…

Searched my emails and found a xLED 125kHz order from DT in December 2021, also says its a White LED. Still have 5 or 6 implants uninstalled in my case, among them a flexMT that I just haven’t bothered to found a installer for yet.

Probably time for a little BUMP

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