Numbing gel stock

Not America lol

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Legally speaking you don’t but America is a fear-based society and nobody is going to give you lidocaine without a prescription.

I’ve had 3 flexes installed in me in 3 different ways (needle, scapel and with scapel and dermal lifters, don’t like to watch the main installation process so not completely sure of the main process but I know that dermal lifters was the easiest of the 3) and none of them needed any pain management. People are different but only time I opted for pain managent was for the Titan installation on ring finger pad.


I’ll echo,
If you’ve done a standard injector install, the flex needle while looking chonktastic… is actually only a bit worse and it’s just till it breaks through the skin fully, which admittedly takes a bit more oomph

But it’s like 5 second of pinching for standard x series
30-45 seconds of slightly worse pinching for flex needle

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With help from @mrln I’ve found a potential solution. We shall see.

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(imo) lidocaine is unnecessary
pain and sensations are always present

Too much can impact certain actions however i would say that %80 of pain and hesitation is mental
(writing this 10 min after doing xg3 by myself with just hair tie and some salt water in ice)

conquer your mind, if you want something you’ll find a way

msg if you want vid

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I liked that you walked the talk :+1:

if you’re happy to share, i’m sure a number of people would appreciate it shared here

good luck with the healing


guess we’ll see how long it it lasts on yt

Do I see that right, that you touched the needle with ur dirty hands, before installing it, dropping it on that non sterile toilet paper, before use (without cap?!) And opening the antiseptic wipe with ur teeth and then not even using it to clean the injection site?


For me the most painful part is when it is about 8-10mm in and needs to go further … Doing it one handed makes it difficult to manage the “tent” and massage it as the needs goes in, so maybe it’s better if someone does it for you :grin:

If anyone else reading this is worried, I managed the NExT injection just fine. The only pain for me was when the needle broke the skin. Didn’t hurt any beyond that and didn’t feel anything during the healing process. Was a wonderful experience that I’m hoping the xMagic in my other hand will mirror :upside_down_face:

My only worry is getting the titan installed since that’s more involved.

editing to add: I had someone else do the install so I didn’t have to worry about the hesitation involved with sticking something into your own skin (as someone who passes out at the sight of bloodwork)


@amal do you also need someone to help with the gel one? I’m QLD based :eyes:

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Nope got it sorted thanks to @mrln … better stuff actually :slight_smile: testing now… thanks though!


Got any update? How is it healing?

It’s doing well

Just a little numb atm