NXP Mifare Ultralight - NTAG216

Long ago i get this Chip in my left Hand… it works without any Problems.
But now i cant write on the Chip.
Is it possible to clear the Passwort? I think i use the right Passwort but it’s not possible to clear it for me.
Everytime when i want to clear it it comes “an error during the writing process”.
Can s1 help me?
Maybe in German :smiley:

Long ago i contacted Dangerous Things on Instagram, but no answer there :frowning:

if you locked it with a password the only way to get rid of the password is to correctly remove it. did you sue the DT app on it? if so the password is different

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The passwords I would suggest you try are


Have you tried formatting it?

Using TagWriter or NFC Tools?

Or you could try writing a blank NDEF with

We have a few native German speakers that may be able to help you plus some Austrian and Swiss…

If you are still stuck after trying the format just reply here and I’ll pop in a few @'s

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Good Morning,
evertime when I try to delete the passwort or I try to formatting it i get an “Wroting Error”
I Use NFC Tools.
Long ago i send a Email with the “Dangerous Things Support Tool” but i dont get any answer… Now i use an Iphone and get download this app in my Store… :frowning:

Would be nice if you find some German People that can help me too.
Nice Weekend and thanks for your help <3

Lets start with a
:speaking_head: :loudspeaker: @mrln