NXP - Milfare DESfire EV3 8K implant

We have these new ID cards for access around work. I dont know a huge amount about programming these sort of things, i want to get an implant that a can clone the card to but i cant find anything that matches this. Do they exist or is there an implant i can force this card onto?

You’re not going to be able to clone that card unless they’re severely under-utilizing it

Desfire is a very secure technology right now, so the only real option is to get a new implant and have it enrolled in the system

The xDF2 or FlexDF2 would be your best bets for that route, though I couldn’t say how cross compatible it would be with your specific use case since they are EV2 not EV3

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This is a very good plan if the system administrator is amenable to it,
A simple enrollment of a FlexDF2 as @Aoxhwjfoavdlhsvfpzha mentioned would be the most straightforward and simple solution.
If your work place is usualizing the full features of a DESFire, you would need to have the card programmed like they would do for any other card.

The other less likely option but virtually guaranteed to work, (as long as the readers can “see” a Flex sized implant) is get a conversion service done.

You would need to be without your original access card for :man_shrugging: ? ⁿ ~ 2 weeks? (Thats a question for Amal if you decide to go for this option)

you’ll need enough time to send your card to Seattle, have it converted and sent back to you.

You could then test it in its packaging against the readers before committing to an install

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