Nxrfid don't recognize

nfc write and read great the rfid not response any help

Can you explain what you are trying to do exactly?

Also what product do you have?

Do you have a link to the Black cloner?

Actually, also the blue cloner, where you got it from.
Although they may look the same, some are capable of reading and writing different modes.

Watch the blue cloner video in the thread below on how to use it.

Also check out the Blue cloner mod in that link below.

And as Amal asked, What implant do you have?

my chip type is: NExT implant
the nfc work great via scanners and mobile but the low frequency rfid don’t recognize
how i can get access to write the rfid

thank you so much for your answer

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i will try ant let you know soon

That is the original / older / different iCopy

It SHOULD be compatible with the NExT.

The BLUE Rectangle is the antennas, and the RED marks are where you should try to read and write your NExT Implant