NxtPay vs Walletmor

Hi folks,
I know there are these two payment implants out there for instance.
Can someone explain me what are the differences between the both?

Yeah I can do that, since I designed both of them.

Physically they’re both nearly identical. They use a similar factor flex PCB which is encapsulated by DTs flex biopolymer.

Functionally the Walletmor uses a chip from a company called iCard, and in the EU you can point it at your bank account and load money onto it. I’m some other localities there are other versions of the Walletmor that more or less work.

The NXTPAY is from a company called DigiWell and only works in Germany. It uses a chip from a company called VIMPay that is basically a prepaid debit card that you load funds onto. There’s a new version coming out soon that is a bit different, but the details aren’t public yet.

They both have different expiration dates and such, but they’re similar. I would recommend not posting videos of you using your implant with any personal details online because the conversion implants are technically against the rules and companies can shut them down if they find you.

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Thanks for the details.
Is it not an additional difference that walletmor account where you put money on is in Bulgaria instead of Germany with the nxtpay?

AFAIK, the nxtpay works in all countries not only Germany.

Are there any difference regarding the chip from a card perspective? What I mean is, nxtpay is a debitcard and walletmor is a prepaid or something like this, right?

Hopefully people who actually have them can weigh in on the user experience, but afaik they’re both basically prepaid cards that you load money onto. While the iCard supporting bank that Walletmor uses is based in Bulgaria (I think), it can be used anywhere in the EU, and probably globally. You need an EU address to sign up though. The VIMPay cards you need a German address to sign up, but they can probably be used intentionally. There may be exchange fees though.

Shameless plug there’s also a CoM conversion implant coming out very soon (weeks) that you can use to convert a large number of credit cards all over the world. They just need to have a specific kind of contact interface that has a small antenna built in.

Got it.
Yeah what I saw is that the walletmor has around 7y duration while the nxtpay has 5y.

You can also get the nxtpay, if you are living in Austria.
I never had a problrm to get money to my card. No fees.

When it "expires ", do you have to physically replace the chip (remove implant) or can you re-tokenize the chip in vivo?

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You can remove it, but you can also keep it.
The first version of the nxtpay was broken

Here is a picture from the old and the new chip

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For which use case you keep it?
You can open the door lock with it but other use cases available?

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You can’t read the broken chip.
I send it to Amal.

I mean with the new one which is not broken?

Bcs there a lot news going on in the walletmor side. Anyone can describe the experience of walletmor vs nxtpay?
Any recommendations for one of those for Germany ?

Another question.
In the NxtPay you have to link your bank account and login to it within the app to transfer money to the VIMpay account.

I’m the walletmor video it seems the you can link you credit card instead and transfer directly from there to the Icarus account.

Can anyone confirm or correct? :slight_smile:

Another question, I know long discussion.
But walletmor and NxtPay will be connected to an app to transfer the money and use it as payment implant.

Maybe stupid question, would it not be possible to do the same with the apex? Or with an applet on the apex?

What’s the difference here?

So the NXTPay is a prepaid card based on VIMPay. The Purewrist (US Walletmor) was a prepaid card. These are standalone accounts that you load money into where the issuer has complete control and you often pay fees to own or load money into them.

The EU Walletmor is based on a service called iCard which uses a kind of psuedo tokenization. There is an account that they create for you that they own and manage, but instead of loading funds onto it they have a service where you can point it at your bank card and whenever you make a purchase they only temporarily (often less that 3 seconds) front you the money and then pull it from your bank card separately. They still have complete control over the account though and dictate the terms of the transaction. It’s the best we have right now though.

The trouble is that as soon as any of these issuers find out your account is being used for an implant they frantically try to shut it down so that the payment schemes (Mastercard, Visa) don’t punish them. Don’t post on social media about your payment implant.

The VivoKey products are attempting to use actual tokenization, similar to Google or Apple Pay, to allow you to point your card at a VivoKey device and if it expires or you want to change it you can do so at will. Ideally this would be legitimate and above board. For the rings it already is working. For the implants they still haven’t allowed tokenized payments. If we’re able to get them to change their mind though the implants people already have are configured and ready to go for tokenized payment


Thanks for the details.
I assume the point here is that the aim is to have it from the beginning in the correct way and not around like the mentioned one do. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Hope someone can help here.
I‘ve issues with a NxtPay implant. If I try to pay with that, the terminal decline with „payment rejected“.

Any ideas? The terminal usually take all card like Mastercard, Amex etc.

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Is payment rejected the translation or does it actually say those words in English on the terminal? I asked because the typical nomenclature is the word “declined”. In any case, I don’t think this has anything to do with the implant per se so I would check your account and maybe call vimpay and don’t tell them it’s an implant but just say you’re having problems using the key fob?

I had this also one time, i said: “can you please restart the terminal”
Then it worked.
I have also the nxtpay

Yes I mean declined sorry.
Tried it 3 times and didn‘t work.

The VIMpay support is friendly speaking not responsive ;).
My first impression was the terminal simply don’t take the card but usually it takes all cards.