NYC Magnet Install Help?

Besides going with a pro, which I’ve reached out to Brian from Pure Body Arts and am waiting for a reply, is there anyone in NYC who is interested in or willing to help do an installation? Thinking about getting in on the Titan second run, or perhaps I should just call it the Titan II.

I’ve done all five of my injectable implants, but the “I like my nerves” part of doing a slice-and-dice install myself and pain considerations really make me shy from doing it myself.

Did you end up finding someone to do it? I’m considering getting a Titan, along with planning for a flex implant once Vivokey Apex is released.

I did, and Brian got back to me. I was just worried because the place he worked from was listed as closed. But yes, he still does them and for a reasonable price. I’m sure he can help you with the Apex too when you’re ready.

And yes, I ordered my Titan which arrived, so I’m all set in a few weeks to do it.


Awesome to hear! Good luck with the Titan install :slight_smile:

I’m actually going to Brian myself. haha.

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