OG Spark + Apex vs OG Spark + Spark 2 + Apex

So I’ve had the original spark installed since it dropped and I’m very happy with it, but big strides have been made since then, understandably. Basically I’m wondering if the Spark 2 is worth getting and then getting the Apex when it drops or should I just skip the Spark 2 and get the Apex? I don’t have any /specific/ needs, rather, I want maximum functionality and use case options. Just don’t know if the Spark 2 would be redundant in this case.

My recomendation is this. :arrow_up:
I also have the original Spark and have no need to get a Spark 2.
I love the fact that the Spark OG uses ISO15693, It is my only implant that uses it and gives me that capability, and as a bonus it reads really easily.

I am also patiently waiting for the Apex Flex to drop and will be grabbing one of those

I recommend you do not install a dropped APEX.

I would prefer you use a clean one.

I recommend this :arrow_up:


You would obviously lick it clean before installing :tongue: BUT ONLY if it was under the 3 second rule :clock1: …Sorry, I should have been more clear with my statement


It’s the 5 second rule, and I was told by a hospital pharmacist that the actual length of time is dependent on the cost of what you dropped.

You might want to worst of the crud off on the seat of your trousers before you lick it clean and install it though.


Unfortunately my OG Spark is pretty hard to read as it sank a bit (or maybe my dermal later is exceptionally thick?), So I’m hoping a flex is easier to read given the larger surface area of the antenna. Either way, y’all pretty much confirmed what I was thinking, so thank you!