Oh no, time for some minor surgery!

Sad times.

It appears that my Spark has recently become deceased.

Tried to read it using my phone (which worked in the past), my wife’s phone and my PM3 Easy - all to no avail.

Any suggestions before I remove it?

I think it may have become encapsulated. Guess I know for sure when I take it out.

While I’m at it I might as well get onboard with the Titan! :grin: :purple_heart:

I’ll post pictures of the process.

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Make sure it hasn’t migrated?

Yeah, definitely hasn’t migrated.

Oh man… that really sucks. I’m sorry about that. I definitely want to test it out once it comes out. We will send you a replacement with a small plastic vial you can put it into for return.

Click the floating orange help button on the website and reference this forum thread and your order number and we’ll get a replacement out to you right away.


Can you feel it?

If not a small magnet may help to locate it…

If you need to remove, this is a good reference to give to your professional


Nowt to be sorry about @Amal. These things happen. I’ll hunt out my original order and be in touch soon.

Amazing service from DT. Wish all companies operated like this.

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Yeah, can feel it @Pilgrimsmaster.

Thanks for the removal information, very much appreciated.

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