Ok man, Biohacking. Projects?


I would love to have more of a use for this technology you have but for monitoring health, for example I have an iPhone 5s and a fitbit blaze, can your technology do the same thing as my Fitbit blaze, and I have additions I would like to add, to my options menu for measurements, I practice shamanism and would like to be able to regester Entheogenic substances etc, drugs, even if I go to the doctor, antibiotics etc, my Fitbit wants to know.

I have no clue about programming. However. As for hummingbirds. All good spirits.

I’d like to pay my money to someone to make this technology ready. I personally require it’s use.

In time I am looking for 30 of these products for my patients and emoloyees.

I try to keep things external, however, personally I will implant an IFRID if it does what I like.

Can you help out? I have people who can do programming but they don’t understand this yet.

I imagine you do.


This is still a very new subject and one that comes with many constraints.

At first look, it would make sense to have this type of implant available but if you consider the challenges that this kind of technology has to undergo ie: power, etc. it is evident while this may take time.

My advice would be to check out the xBT, this implant allows you to monitor body temperature and is a good start to getting used to having the interaction between the body and the tags.