On the local news

I had sent a media release out to the local news stations about my implant event at work. Had one interview today, and am scheduled for another tomorrow. Here is the link for the first one: NBC Montana

You can also try to catch the recorded live broadcast at around -13:25 for Wednesday July 27th


Super cool :mechanical_arm:

… plans to be implanted with technology similar to the tech that allows you to automatically open your car when your key is nearby.

That’s an interesting way of saying rfid chip :thinking: :sweat_smile:

I agree, but that is how the reporter identified with the technology, since he used it. I had mentioned keyless fobs once, and he latched on. The interview lasted 45 minutes, and he had to whittle it down to 90 seconds.

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Hard to make everything accurate as a reporter with little knowledge, so overall. I really liked the interview and had good information to people with no knowledge.

Great job!

Thank you. They came back for the event and did a follow up story, but I don’t think that was saved on their website. Another station is doing a long form story and will be back in a week to interview me after recovery.


Here is the story from the second news station that came out tonight.
ABC-Fox Montana

I also made the front page above the fold in my local newspaper.
Whitehall Ledger


Its a shame that in that video they say “he can use it as a form of contactless payment, car key fob, even to unlock his phone”…

Still cool to see implants in the media becoming more mainstream though :slight_smile:


I still wish Android hadn’t removed NFC unlock…