One more "Which implant should I get and other dumb questions"

Thanks, that’s one of the first thig i did :smiley:

Let the flow of dumb idea continue …
I saw a few people use magnet to locate the implants. Does this damages the implant?
And it go me thinking …
Would it be possible to use a magnet to hold the implant in place while it gets encapsulated (to prevent/mitigate migration)?
(Put a bandage over the magnet to keep at the same location)

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@Satur9 proved magnetizing the ferrite rod inside the x-series antenna can reduce performance, but it’s temporary.


Thanks again everyone for all the (detailed) info.

Got the NExT installed in R0, will do teh xEM and xM1 next week in L0 …
I try to read teh NFC right away, and it read it perfect (on the phone), the T5577 is having a bit of a harder time on the PM3, it bounce around as indala with random UID …

So everything is good and i should be up and going in a few weeks :slightly_smiling_face:

PS: Is there a password for the NFC side or is it the exac same as a blanc Ntag216?


This is quite common, but sometimes T5577 random outputs can be firmware mismatch on the PM3, have you checked yours? Have you tested on your “test card”?

Also a common occurrence is, being able to read your implant for the first [period of time] then after some blood pooling and inflammation, you may not be able to read it again for up to 2 weeks.

It is taken care of before even being sent out to you.
the Password is to protect your implant from you, rather than blocking access. So while you could remove or Change the password, I would reccomend you don’t…IF you still really want to, just ask again and I will shake my head at you but give you the password anyway.
( It really is best just to leave it, and forget about it )



If only more stuff in life came with this service.

The Low Frequency side is quite touchy my NExT is over a week old and I still need to push it against the pm3 and be within 5mm of the correct end of the implant. You can ignore the Indala random UID its just picking up solar flares or something :upside_down_face:

With LF search you should get a result like [+] Valid EM410x ID found!

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Only half of me :P, the rest is coming soon™

Ive been playing with teh PM3 for a bit, having an idea of how it works was a pre-rec. to teh implant … from reading on here it should go away in a week or 2?

Thats good :+1:
I am asking because i got a write error … but it is writing now (i need to stay very steady)
All im interested now is to get a read and confirm teh chip works … then:

Thanks, ill keep a eye on that

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24h update: still reading the Ntag216 loud and clear!
I took the bandage of, the incision is barely visible, but the surrounding are a bit red (to be expected) and a bit sore, but got full movement.

I did notice the end of the chip is only a few mm away from the incision, maybe the chip didn’t go deep enough?
Is this something I need to be concerned about?

I wouldn’t say concerns but do keep and eye on it.
Once the incision has healed, you will be on the clear.
Until then, just be careful, and if you think it may need it, put a match stick (or similar) perpendicular to the front of the NExT and tape it down tight to prevent it from progressing toward the exit.
Taking some pre-natals should speed up the encapsulation

Awesome thanks :+1:
I’ve been taking pre-natal for a few days … Will add a little stick to make sure to keep it in there.