Open source deadbolt lock

We just gave the one we picked up another go with a repeater and an xM1. We couldn’t get it to work with any consistency. I think it got a read twice but we couldn’t get it to repeat in the same positions with the same orientation.

@Dean, when I was first playing around with the keypad, I recall having trouble enrolling a Blue Bambino. I was able to sniff the packaged card being read and then use that to get the missing keys for the card which allowed me to clone it. I’m not a Proxmark wizard and can’t say I recall the steps between the sniff and the cracking being intuitive but I do remember being annoyed with how easy it was once I knew how to do it. Not that I can recall the process now :sweat_smile:

Edit: This post covers the easiest and clearest way I’ve found to deal with these guys.