Open source deadbolt lock

Sorry, mixed the numbers up. It’s linked in the previous post, now

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i had a look at the parts they almost al look good to make no weird corners that are hard to reach as it looks
but this part the bat compartment

what’s the plan with this part Will this be a plastic part or Will this be alu
because if its gonna be alu

the hole for the cable can’t be there otherwise it Will be a 5axis part or that hole must be drilled in by hand and i think if its gonna be an injection mold part its going to be very expansive to have the hole there on the side

i am not criticizing your work i just want to help if comes over wrong just tell me


First, thanks for taking the time to look over the parts :+1:t2:

Ideally that part will be injection moulded yes, I will move that hole thanks for pointing it out.
Are the holes in the sides of that part also an issue or are they ok?

No problem here man, I usually have the same attitude :+1:t2:


The main PCB can be 75x50mm this can be increased if needed, please include mounting holes for this one.

The round one for the antenna and led i have attached a drawing.
Ideally this will be sandwiched in.

Scrolling through and looking at the git hub this looks great 1 question though is this not putting all the unlock control on the outside or is it envisioned that just the antenna goes on the outside and is linked over by wires?

Yes the only thing that goes outside is the antenna and an indicator led linked by wires.

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no problem i like to help where i can

maybe i can look at making the injection mold for that part ? i can’t promise anything but i can try

the holes on the side aren’t such a big problem i think if its made from alu its just putting the part on its side with injection mold i must take look at that


Ok cheers, I’m looking at eliminating all the side holes so that the cover just screws into some rivnuts on the plate. This would also eliminate a few processes fabricating the plate too.

Also waiting for the mounting holes for the PCB for that part and the thickness of the PCB for the round cover.

If you could make the moulds though that would be a huge help.

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Sorta like this

The standard thickness of a rigid PCB is 1.6mm.

Talking with Amal it sounds like he has some other ideas he’s working on that don’t involve replacing the existing door lock because there’s too many people renting who can’t modify their doors. If he comes through with that then I would be working on a drop in replacement PCB for that lock. Sorry to be all over the place.



Sounds like this project is on the back burner then?

The lock body you design could always have off-the-shelf internals that the more DIY oriented community members who also have the ability to modify their door handles could use. There’s no reason the “Open Source” community version can’t continue. Especially if we can collectively organize a CNC shop to machine it in medium batches. I’m not sure that a VivoKey enabled one is feasible any time soon, though.

I’m trying to find the post now but can’t. Recently in another thread Amal posted how fed up he was with lock manufacturers, and how based on the constellation of other pressing tasks VivoKey’s small team needs to address, we won’t have the bandwidth to design a fully capable smart lock.

@Pilgrimsmaster any way you could locate that post? If I remember correctly you saw it too, plus you’re some kind of forum wizard

Not sure if this is the one you meant…

That wasn’t it. Oh well. Maybe Amal deleted it :laughing:

Regardless, the likelihood of a custom PCB with the advanced crypto features in the next 3 months is low. If we can figure out someone who will manufacture your lock body designs at scale, Amal might be willing to put money towards it. Depends on the results from the add-on lock actuators he’s currently testing out. Money is less of any issue than devoting time from our limited dev resources.

We also have several enterprising EE’s in the community who would be able to design an interconnect board out of Arduino modules and such. If you want to continue development I’d say go ahead, and we’ll help where/when we can.

We’re all in this big 'ol biohack together.


Hey EE desing is kinda my thing, if we still wanna do this we can whats peoples thoughts and feelings on the security side of things I presume not UID based? Hf or lf?

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Thanks for the update guys.
Completely understand, I imagine the team are working hard on all sorts of projects.

I will continue development for the community version and if down the road Amal wants to create a vivokey version the be my guest it’s open source.

I have spoken to the owner of the machine shop that I am developing it at and they are happy to manufacture it at a reasonable scale (~40-50 units per month) I’d assume this is a reasonable scale as the market for this isn’t huge and almost certainly contained within this community.

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I was thinking HF maybe uid to start with is a good option as we can always upgrade it later.
(I have no idea even where to begin with cryptography and NFC)

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:clapper: Take 2 ( access controller related thread rather than Lock related )

:clapper: Take 3 ( Blue cloner related thread rather than lock related )

How am I doing? two more fails ?

Just a heads-up, we will design and provide chip hardware for the VivoKey ecosystem side of things - it requires a few things from our end to make it work with the upcoming Apex line.

For other things like the xDF2 and the like, it’s going to be dependent on the NDAs. I’m sure I can provide help once that time comes.


I finished making the plates today after some design changes.
Also contacted the people that sell the motor and placed an order for 10, hopefully they get back to me soon.

Here are some photos.