Opening my door with my chip implant

Good afternoon, I speak to you directly with the google translator, since my English is very bad. In this post I show you my project with which I open the door of my house with a keyboard with an NFC reader. The project is very simple, I acquired the keyboard, a power supply and a lock release mechanism. After connecting everything and making a few mistakes, I finally managed to get it to work.
This is the keyboard –
Here is the result


That’s really awesome!

Also, welcome to the community!

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Welcome to the forum!

That is awesome! I’m planning to install a few similar systems to make my life easier but I’m over thinking the door strike part…

The good thing is, with these types of locks you have a few options, so you just need to find the most compatiable for your set up

I guess that derailing threads is a cyborg specialty…

I have an electric lock on one door and an american stile doorknob on another. I think that an electric strike is the best option for this second door but need to get around to getting the parts, cutting the required hole in the frame, and running the cable through a concrete wall. Not sure if I should go with a no-cut or a normal strike, nor if it’s easier to make a wide mortise or a deep one.

I think that I’ll plan and get all the parts first and then start installing the system one door at a time…

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