Opinions on Bluetooth NFC Devices & NTAG216

ACR1255U-J1 any experience with this?
Opinions on making a purchase?
129$’s sounds like a nominal price? I’m going to use for demo purposes with iPad, iPhone and android based devices.
Working on a project proposal to pitch to my CEO and I’m thinking that a Bluetooth reader/writer would make a bigger positive impression. I would like to use this with the NTAG216

I’ve never used it before… seems it might make sense for iOS devices though… at least if you don’t have an iPhone 7 or better with iOS 11 on it.

Well I’m thinking of an application where the iPad or MacBook would be the central hub for processing and the Bluetooth reader (s) would be utilized for scanning the tags on the container (s) or racks & stacks as part of a secondary database the contents would comprise the tertiary database and the mode for transportation would be the primary database similar to a transmission to distribution to service utility flow & a xNT implanted could be scanned to open & close & manage the process