Ordered chip hasnt arrived

I ordered the x chip about 3 weeks ago. What is the usual delivery time?

What’s your order number, and did you get tracking info via email?

I misplaced the tracking email, but here is the info from my bank statement.

Date: 2/10/17
Description: DANGEROUSTHINGS.COM *6452 3606107381 WA DBT CRD 0546 02/10/17 836243

hmm ok… what name and email address did you use to purchase with? I can look it up that way.

My name is Juniper Mulligan. My email is raegray8@gmail or gnome2880@aol.com. The mailing address is po box 1936 bandon oregon 97411. Thank you for your help.

Oh! You ordered a flexDF… the flexDF batch is held up by antenna re-working. We have your order marked “completed” but you are included in the next batch run so you will get your flexDF with the first round. Sorry for the delay on this, but we want to make absolutely sure we provide the best performing and most durable implant possible. Our previous antenna design worked but we changed some copper distribution and added a stiffener to the part of the PCB just under the tuning cap. This will ensure the implant can sustain blunt force impacts much better.

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your order number is 9245 by the way :slight_smile:

Thank you! I am so excited to recieve the chip and do cool things with it! When will the batch be finished?

We still have a couple iterations to go through and confirm changes… it takes a couple weeks per iteration, so we hope to be back up and working on batches of flex line products in about 30 days.

Hi again! Would you estimate when delivery will be?

The flexDFs are due to ship out by the end of this week!