Out of luck cloning the MIFARE Plus X (MF1PLUS80)?

As suggested in another thread I used TagInfo to get the type info from a transit card I’d like to clone. The card seems to be MF1PLUS80 and I’ve found no references to this type on the forums. I guess I’m out of luck cloning this?

Unfortunately yes… the Mifare PLUS is a “fixed” version of the older Mifare “classic” chip… the “classic” chip is MF1ICS50 (1k) or MF1ICS70 (4k) and has a broken version of Crypto1 that protects sectors with access bits and keys… once it was discovered this proprietary scheme was vulnerable to multiple attacks, newer chip versions (including the Mifare PLUS line) were released with nearly identical memory layout and protocol set, but with a fixed memory protection scheme.

So… if your Mifare Plus is completely open, or you have all the keys, then yes you could clone the contents to the xM1+ … but you will have one issue with UID … the older “classic” chips have a 4 byte UID while the Plus and newer chips have a 7 byte UID… so you will only get 4 bytes into the xM1+ … if your application does not rely on the UID, then you should be fine. Otherwise you’re gonna have a bad time.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll come up with another thing to replace with an chip instead of these transit cards :slightly_smiling_face:

We are on the verge of offering a flex-conversion for transit cards. What metro district is it?

In the middle of Sweden :no_mouth:

I’ve seen you mention these cards but how do they differ technically? Doesn’t it require the same, perhaps cumbersome, cloning procedure?

Actually no, in “flex conversion” we take a transit card apart and remove the chip. Then we add that chip to our flex antenna and biosubstrate. Basically we skip the cloning and just convert the transit card into a transit implant.

Can you scan your transit card with TagInfo and tap the share icon, then email to me? I will PM you my details.