Out of the box magnet location

Hey there i am relatively new to the implants but have the next chip amd spark2 ams also HFled in the top side of my forearms which all are awsome, great job amal cant wait to see what is next.

But was wonderimg if anyone had installed or what anyone thoughts were on possibly implanting the xg3 magnet implant on the temple area ?

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What’s your use case? If you’re thinking about attaching something to your face, you should read this thread. tl;dr - According to Steve Haworth in an interview, he tried it but if you succeed in getting a magnet strong enough to attach the metal object, the magnet and object (glasses in this case) will pinch the skin between it and cause that tissue to die. He gave up and doesn’t believe it’s possible.

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UNLESS of course, it is just to hold the lightweight chain from his Monocle!!!

Is that your use case @Benny22 ???

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If you attach a monocle using a magnet implant, please upload pics. Gotta see that.


Haha that would be pretty awsome but i was morr thinking it could serve as a sensing magnet and or you might feel it vibrate being there ?